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How to find us

Endoscopic Center
at the hospital Ebersberg

Pfarrer-Guggetzerstr. 3
85560 Ebersberg

Phone: 0049 8092/822445
Fax: 0049 8092/822446

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Prior to the first endoscopy or endoscopic interventions, questions often arise, which can be dealt with beforehand. More in-depth questions will be personally resolved before the intervention.


Painless Endoscopy

Endoscopic examinations will be carried completely painless. Due to sedation the patient will fall into a short deep sleep by the means of medication. The procedure passes by absolutely unnoticed by the patient, and he reawakes shortly after the examination.


Safety is top priority

During the endoscopy intervention the blood oxygen level, pulse and if required ECG is constantly monitored. Nurses that are specialized in endoscopy are solely in charge of your wellbeing during the entire intervention. This enables the endoscopy team to fully concentrate on its core task. Please be assured, that at all times somebody will be there for you.


Medication and laboratory findings

Preventive medical checkups may be carried out at any type of blood dilution (also Aspirin and Marcumar). For scheduled surgeries the blood coagulation level must be adjusted.  In case you have your actual blood parameters, please bring them along. Still, missing blood parameters may be determined in the center prior to the surgical intervention.


Safeguard privacy

Even though endoscopic procedures became our everyday routine, we fully respect and consider the patient’s fears. Furthermore we guarantee a maximum of privacy. The self-contained endoscopy area, where also the rest area located, keeps you safe from prying eyes. You will find yourself taken care of from the moment you arrive at the endoscopic unit, until you leave awake after the medical examination. Since we have a wide expertise in dealing with patients from other cultural areas for many years, we are able to fully respect and consider your requirements and needs.


Qualified examiner – personal care

When it comes to endoscopic examinations and surgeries it is of utmost importance to choose an experienced and excellent endoscopist, one you can fully rely on. And it is for this reason you choose our facilities. Moreover we consider the personal care as a very important part of the treatment. Prior to each endoscopic intervention, we will explain the upcoming steps. Please do not hesitate to ask questions while they arise. After the endoscopic intervention has taken place, we will be happy give explanation on the process and result. In the event of hospitalisation, you will be personally taken care of.


Service for our foreign patients

Since we have several years of experience in taking care of international patients, we can meet their needs and requirements. Besides the personal care – whether inpatient or outpatient – you may always choose from an excellent range of accomodation services and catering.

Along with complex endoscopic interventions comes inhospitalisation in order to guarantee an optimum of monitoring after the endoscopic intervention has taken place. In case of inhospitalisation we may offer accommodation in new and comfortable rooms. The accommodation of an accompanying person in the patient’s room is also possible. We can arrange the accommodation of further accompanying persons. Your menu is determined by medical specifications, yet an excellent chef de cuisine is at your disposal. You will benefit from our wide range of expertise in dealing with international patients.

We offer a high level of written and spoken English. Dialogues with your surgeon will be conducted in English – an interpreter is only necessary if the English knowledge is not or rarely available. The concluding physician’s letter with medical findings etc. may also be written in English.


Nearby you find the city of Munich, which offers a wide variety of attractions. From Markt Schwaben you can reach Munich easily by public transportation.



For registration please contact our secretary Mrs. Ogierman by phone at +49 (0)8121 / 41314.  She will be happy to arrange an individual appointment either for your medical examination or for a consultation-hour. In case of a scheduled endoscopic surgical intervention it is inevitable to directly contact you surgeon. Dr. Greimel is also reachable through the secretariat.